Ethical policy

ZHISHIQ’s objective is to level the admissions playing field for international applicants. We believe every individual who wishes to study overseas should have ready access to first-rate professional support unencumbered by the coincidences of geography or economic background.

Our vision is to provide outstanding support, with solutions that fit each client’s challenges and aspirations. ZHISHIQ advisors help clients to hone their stories, develop strategies, and pitch their achievements in order to express their achievements and present themselves effectively.

We do not invent content for our clients.

We do offer constructive advice on the most effective deployment and organization of language to enable our clients to stand out to an Admissions Committee (or other relevant body) in competitive contexts.

Advisors are encouraged to think of their role as equivalent to that of an informed and attentive family member or friend. Our goal is to help our clients create pitches that give them the best chance of being admitted to the schools they would most like to attend, and from which they would accrue the greatest developmental benefit.

ZHISHIQ aims to foster and support a collaborative process. We encourage clients and advisors to take maximum advantage of communication opportunities within the iterative structure of our carefully-designed services.

Due to what has been considered the norm in this industry in some parts of Mainland China, and because our clients are indeed diffused over the entire country, advisors may occasionally encounter clients with expectations that cross the lines to which ZHISHIQ vigorously adheres. We trust advisors to use judgement, delicacy, and professional acumen (with the support of ZHISHIQ office staff if needed) to address such issues with clients. This robust but considerate ‘adjustment in expectations’ is analogous to every part of ZHISHIQ’s mission and services.