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Welcome to the recruitment site for the ZHISHIQ advisor team.

ZHISHIQ is an admissions support platform that connects outstanding writers, mentors, and educators to students and professionals in China who are applying to study overseas.

Is a play on words…


Is a play on words…

…which means


…which means

…’Knowledge circle’


…’Knowledge circle’

…in Mandarin.


…in Mandarin.

Our goal is to offer access to ethical support, guidance, and feedback that many Western candidates receive by virtue of geography alone.

Since 2015, our global team has supported over 30,000 candidates applying for PhD, graduate, and undergraduate programs in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

ZHISHIQ editing-advising work is based on three tried-and-tested service types, carried out in accordance with strict ethical standards. We hope you’ll be keen to learn our services.

Management team

Cofounded in 2012 by Andy Daum, Raymond Huang, and Bill Lu, ZHISHIQ is led day-to-day by Andy and Deputy Managing Director, Amanda Feng.

Support is provided by our 10-strong office team in Nanjing where the work on promoting and maintaining our services takes place.

Andy Daum

Managing Director

One of the original co-founders of ZHISHIQ in 2012, Andy is a graduate of the University of Oxford and completed his UK legal qualifications at Simmons & Simmons LLP.

Amanda Feng

Deputy Managing Director

Amanda initially joined ZHISHIQ in 2015 as an intern. She now leads our multi-faceted marketing and sales department.

Nydia Wang

Client Relations Manager

Nydia manages ZHISHIQ’s direct sales and client relations team having originally joined the company in 2017 as a customer support assistant.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andy at: andy@zhishiq.com.

This is by far the best job I have ever had … We have the pleasure of constantly encountering talented young people and playing a small part in advancing their education and career.

Adam - ZHISHIQ advisor
Adam ScottLondon School of Economics | ZHISHIQ PROFILE

When I initially joined the site, I never anticipated that it would become so much more to me than a way to earn extra money. After three seasons with ZHISHIQ, I can honestly say that it is the highlight of my year.

Marni BaylesUniversity of Edinburgh | ZHISHIQ PROFILE

The most gratifying part of the work as an advisor for ZHISHIQ is collaboration … I travel extensively, and being able to work anywhere in the world with ZHISHIQ just with an internet connection is amazing.

Hee Jin BangNew York University | ZHISHIQ PROFILE

ZHISHIQ allows me to supplement my income whenever I choose. It’s offered me a huge degree of flexibility in my life over the last year.

Sian HicksonUniversity of Oxford, University of Cambridge | Former Advisor

ZHISHIQ has been the perfect opportunity to augment my income in term-time and during vacations. With work available in any volume I am comfortable with, it has fitted in well with academic commitments. It’s rare to make good money with such flexibility.

Joe NorthoverUniversity of Oxford | Former Advisor

ZHISHIQ Advisors


ZHISHIQ advisors offer editing-advising services to outstanding students pursuing higher education outside mainland China.

Because of the scale of our platform adherence to our service standards is really important. We nonetheless encourage our applications advisors to engage their clients with flair, warmth, and professionalism.

Text-based application services

Our services cover the following document types:

  • Statements (personal statements, statements of purpose).
  • Recommendations (professional and academic).
  • Resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Academic articles for publication.

Face-to-face services

Our advisors also offer the following face-to-face services:

  • Mock interview and feedback.
  • Pre-document discussion.

Busy season

Our busy season runs September – February.

Apply now

Why join ZHISHIQ

The work is very fulfilling

You’ll be guiding outstanding students on how to present themselves in English-language application documents. Many advisors strike up positive professional connections with their clients who subsequently work with them on multiple projects throughout our busy season.

We pay well

Earnings ranging from $15 to—at the very upper end our appointments pay-scale—$300 per 500 words. Advisors who master our services, build a word-of-mouth following, and achieve a smart workflow earn significant income. Our top five application advisors in 2019-2020 earned, respectively, US$57,009, US$41,305, US$40,506, US$27,020, and US$19,406.

Remote and flexible working

This has been the norm for ZHISHIQ since we began. You can do your work on a train, at home, in a co-working space, the park… As long as you have MS Word and reliable Wifi, wherever suits you best—and wherever enables you to focus on helping your clients the most—is fine by us.

Application procedure

Introduce yourself

After you’ve reviewed the information on this page, please use the form linked below to introduce yourself.

Short editing test

After we review your initial application, we’ll let you know whether you’ve reached the next step of our process: A short editing test.

30-minute interview

Strong applicants will then be asked to attend a 30-minute Zoom interview.

Online training and getting started

We will then set you up with your account, grant access to our online task marketplace, and ask you to complete a short training course.

Application form

ZHISHIQ has been fantastic. It has enabled me to work remotely while earning well.

George TaylorUniversity of Oxford | ZHISHIQ PROFILE



  • Attention-to-detail.
  • Friendly, professional working style.
  • Excellent time-keeping.
  • MS Word knowledge.
  • Native English speaker.
  • Strong written communication.

Great to have

  • Admissions office experience.
  • Applications counselling experience.
  • Faculty members, former or current.
  • Graduate level qualification.
  • Backgrounds in hard sciences or MBA-type programs can be particularly useful.

ZHISHIQ provided an engaging, flexible source of extra income that pays substantially more than other part-time work and still allows me time and energy to pursue research.

Frank EpisaleNYU, Rutgers | Former Advisor


Please feel free to contact us at zhishiq@applicationsadvice.com if you have any questions.